1305 Wall Mount Thermometer

Wall Mounting OR
Directly Mounted
1 x Thermocouple Input
Type K -200 to 1370ºC
Type J -200 to 1200ºC
Type R -10 to 1760ºC
Type S -10 to 1760ºC
Type T -210 to 400ºC
Type E -200 to 1000ºC
Type L -200 to 600ºC
Type N -200 to 1300ºC
Type B -0 to 1800ºC
(Or EquºF )
0.1 and 1ºC Resolution
Large LCD Display
1 x Lithium
AA Battery Included
Battery Life 2 Years
Can be Wall Mounted
Or used with Thermocouple
Directly Mounted

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