Hand Held Indicators

Digital Thermometers / Indicators

The first Digital Thermometer in the line up is the TX-60 Thermometer, this is a highly accurate Indicator which is unique, in that it is available in K, J, E, T, N, R, S and B Thermocouple Inputs. (Input needs to be specified when ordering).

The 800 and 806 come available in a rubberised case, making them ideally suited to demanding environments. The 800 is a single type K Thermocouple input Thermometer, where the 806 can take two Thermocouples, as well as being able to select from seven different types of thermocouples within the same unit, making it a highly adaptable Thermometer.
Non-contact Thermometers

MITSCO supply two Infrared Thermometers for those applications where non-contact temperature measurement is necessary. The 8070 is suitable for temperature range of -20 to 260ºC (Equ’t ºF) and the 8871 model, offering a wider temperature range of -40 to 500ºC (Equ’t ºF) with the additional provision of selectable emissivity. Both units have LCD back light display and Laser Pointer.

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